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    Through use and enjoyment, furniture sometimes gets damaged - picture your teenage son see-sawing on the back legs of the kitchen chair or the coffee table that gets repurposed as a den.  Scratches occur and joints become loose. Yet all is not lost.  If it's a well made piece then it can be restored and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing something sad and dejected become new and useable again.  At 2BearsHome, seeing old furniture rejuvenated is one of the most rewarding parts of our job.  

    We have developed a network of furniture restorers and upholsterers who can bring your piece back to life.  Please contact us on hello@2bearshome.com or feel free to whatsapp photos to 083 801 5329.  We will be happy to provide a quotation.

    We can undertake straightforward upholstery projects.  We keep a range of fabrics in stock and offer a one stop shop service from our atelier in central Dublin.  Alternatively you can source your own fabric.  Please contact us on hello@2bearshome.com for more details.